Pro Wrestling League 2018 Season 3 Semi Final 2 Highlights : Haryana Hammers book Semi-finals berth with win over UP Dangal by 5-4.

With star wrestler Vinesh Phogat missing from action, UP Dangal campaign in the third season of Pro Wrestling League ended as they slumped to their third consecutive defeat, losing 4-5 to Haryana Hammers(Two-time Champions), who in turn made it to semifinals, in Siri Fort Sports Complex, New Delhi on Thursday. With the win of Sun Yanan (Match deciding the last bout) takes the Haryana Hammers to the finals. Now once again in tomorrow’s  Grandfinals, the same scene is repeated as in pwl3 where one side is Haryana Hammers today’s winner and in front of them in the ring is NCR Punjab Royals.

09:00 PM IST: Both seems to give tough fights. Oh what a stupendous end is given by Sun Yanan(Haryana Hammers) in the very last of 5 seconds with  lead of 4-1 against Vinesh Phogat(UP Dangal).

08:57 PM IST: Everything today depend on this round-2 of the last bout who rule the ring and who fall into it and nothing seems to happen up to 2 more minutes of this round with 1-0.

08:54 PM IST: Vinesh Phogat being an icon for UP Dangal looks more tactic and very very courteous but 1 point to Sun Yanan given because of passivity, with this ends the round-1 in favour of Haryana Hammers.

08:52 PM IST: Match deciding bout is started where one side is Sun Yanan(Haryana Hammers) and in front of her is UP Dangal icon Vinesh Phogat in 50 kgs category.

08:49 PM IST: What an epic bouts we have seen so far, with head to head competition both teams Haryana Hammers and UP Dangal tie the score to 4 each. Now, all depends on this last bout. Who will win ?? For updates stay tuned to us.!!

08:47 PM IST: Lead going up, with 2 more points Bajrang still in command and its all over for Harpool, comfortable win for the Bajrang by the lead of 8-1 in favour of UP Dangal.

08:45 PM IST: Pretty comfortable lead is made by Bajrang with commanding control onto Harpool with the margin of 6-1, in favour of Bajrang Punia.

08:42 PM IST: Now Bajrang Punia making a tackle count with back to back two moves gets 4 point, a fantastic lead of 4-1 at the end of round-1 against Harpool(Haryana Hammers).

08:40 PM IST: First point of this bout taken by Harpool in the very start of round-1 with the push-out move against Bajrang Punia(UP Dangal).

08:37 PM IST: Second last bout between Harpool(Haryana Hammers) and Bajrang Punia(UP Dangal) in 65-kgs

08:33 PM IST: Now bout seems to be full single-sided, Roublejit(Haryana Hammers) with crushed holds win this bout against Mandeep(UP Dangal) by 5-3.

08:31 PM IST: Takedown by Roublejit give him 2 more points,comfortable lead made by Roublejit against Mandeep(UP Dangal).

08:28 PM IST: Not too much aggression shown by eighter wrestler, Roublejit Singh( Haryana Hammers) gets a point of passivity and with this ends the round-1 with a lead of 1-0 against Mandeep.

08:24 PM IST: Its time for the seventh bout(92-kgs) between Roublejit Singh( Haryana Hammers ) and Mandeep, a replacement for Vicky(UP Dangal).

08:22 PM IST: Haryana Hammers just two step behind for the finals, with a lead onto UP Dangal by 3-2.

08:20 PM IST: Both wrestlers give outdo each other very hard and bout seems to be an unpredictable one, finally  Geeta made this tough bout in favour of Haryana Hammers against Sarita by 3-2.

08:18 PM IST: Geeta Phogat looking more aggressive onto Sarita with push-out move gets other 2 points at the very start of the second round.

08:14 PM IST: Both grapplers did not seem in giving a single point to her opponent, so passivity point(1) goes to Geeta Phogat( more experienced one), with this end the round-1 in favour of Haryana Hammers.

08:11 PM IST: Now its time for a tussle between Sarita Phogat(UP Dangal) and Geeta Phogat(Haryana Hammers) in the 62-kg category.

08:09 PM IST: Victory for UP Dangal made them one step up against Haryana Hammers, still  Haryana Hammers is in lead of 3-2.

08:07 PM IST: Sumit trying to come back into this context, showing all his efforts but Jamaladdin gives tough competition by giving no chance of getting a single point and with this end this bout in favour of UP Dangal with a score of 7-0.

08:03 PM IST: With quick moves onto Sumit, Jamaladdin Magomedov(UP Dangal) ends the round-1 in his favour with the lead of 4 to nothing.

08:01 PM IST: Good start by the Jamaladdin Magomedov(UP Dangal) from the very start of first round with the lead of 4 points onto Sumit.

07:59 PM IST: Its time for heaviest weight category of 125-kgs Sumit(Haryana Hammers) and Jamaladdin Magomedov(UP Dangal).

07:55 PM IST: Haryana Hammers up by 3-1, still a lot to do against UP Dangal for the victory of today’s Semi-final.

07:53 PM IST: Helen looks extremely focused in this bout, Vanesa is still struggling to her first point but Helen(Haryana Hammers) get other 2 points, with this she ends the bout and registered a terrific victory of 5-4 against Vanesa.

07:48 PM IST: Vanesa is trailing, with this Helen ends the round-1 in her favour with lead of 3 to nothing.

07:46 PM IST: This bout is not going to be easy one where both tends to outdo each other and with takedown move, Helen opens this bout in her favour against Vanesa.

07:43 PM IST: The fourth bout is between Helen(Haryana Hammers) and Vanesa(UP Dangal) in 57-kgs category.

07:40 PM IST: With the victory of Khethik Haryana Hammers made lead onto UP Dangal by 2-1.

07:37 PM IST: It seems Undefeated Khetik this time also maintained his title and Yes Khethik made the scorecard completely in her favour by 9-7, with this end the bout against Bekzod in favour of Haryana Hammers.

07:34 PM IST: Anything can happen in this bout and here it is Bekzod(UP Dangal) trying to hold but game changer Khetik get 6 points in a consecutive fashion and made a lead of 4 points.

07:31 PM IST: Bekzod(UP Dangal) opens this bout with 2 points of push-out move against Khetik, Khetik trying to give tough bout but Bekzod take the first round in his favour by 2-0.

07:28 PM IST: It’s going to be very close bout, where two top class wrestlers of the world fought in the ring against each other.

07:25 PM IST: Its time for the third bout in 74-kg category and it is between Undefeated Khetik(Haryana Hammers) and Bekzod(UP Dangal).

07:23 PM IST: It seems this bout is taken by Zsanett fully by giving no chance to her opponent Pooja and Yes win this bout by 3-1 in favour of UP Dangal.

07:21 PM IST: Zsanett Nemeth(UP Dangal) looking for a hold, try to get a whole control onto Pooja with a lead of 3-0, with a minute gone in the second round.

07:18 PM IST: With a takedown move Zsanett made a lead of 3 points against Pooja at the end of round-1.

07:16 PM IST: Time going away and no point taken by eighter of the two grapplers, with this passivity point given to Zsanett Nemeth.

07:12 PM IST: The Second bout is between Pooja(Haryana Hammers) and Zsanett Nemeth(UP Dangal).

07:10 PM IST: With thrilling moves, Vladimir made this bout in his favour and here is a good attempt taken by Vladimir(Haryana Hammers) win this bout by the margin of 6-3 against Nitin Rathi(UP Dangal).

07:08 PM IST: Vladimir from the very start of round-2 gets a good lead of 4 points with the quick move, Haryana Hammers ahead from UP Dangal.

07:06 PM IST: Both grapplers seem to outdo each other and end the first round with 1 each.

07:03 PM IST: The first bout is taking place between Vladimir(Haryana Hammers) and Nitin(UP Dangal) in 57 kg category.

05:57 PM IST: Get ready for head to head tussle between Vinesh Phogat( UP Dangal) and Sun Yanan(Haryana Hammers). Just left with few minutes for today’s most interesting bout. Stay tuned to us.!

After lots of entertaining matches in Pro Wrestling League (PWL3) 2018, now it turns for Semi Final 2 match between two teams UP Dangal and two times Champion Haryana Hammers on 25th January 2018 from 06:45 (IST) onwards at the Siri Fort Sports Complex, New Delhi. This match is most important for Haryana vs UP to win comes in a top position to looking forward to playoffs matches. On Day 15 Haryana Hammers crushed Undefeated UP Dangal by 4-3, does today UP Dangal today take revenge ??

In today match, there is an expectation for having a great struggle between Haryana’s player Sun Yanan (2 bronze medalist in Rio Olympic) and UP Dangal’s Vinesh Phogat who won 4 matches out of 5, first defeat by the hand of Sun Yanan of this season (Gold Medalist in Asian Championship). Another bout which would be very interesting is ) UP Dangal’s Abdurakhmonov Bekzod(Gold Medalist in Asian Championship (74 kgs) and in front of them is Haryana’s undefeated Khetik Tsabolov, 2017 world championship(silver).

This is the league match between legend teams i.e. Haryana vs UP, to get the trophy both the teams must have to win this match of Pro Wrestling League (PWL3) 2018 to get points and must remain in top positions. You can enjoy this one of the die interesting matches between Haryana vs UP on Sony LIV, Sony ESPN and Sony MAX.