Pro Wrestling League 2018 Season 3 Day 1 highlights: Mumbai Maharathi beat Delhi Sultans 5-2 in Season 3 opener

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Highlights of the opening day of Pro Wrestling League season 3:

9:00 PM IST: Haji Aliev will not go down easily. This match is all about pride. Haji Aliev is in no mood to give the last laugh to Soslan. Soslan clearly defending himself and winning 3-2.

8:56 PM IST: Soslan Ramonov leads 1-0 against Haji Aliev

8:50 PM IST: The last bout of Day 1, Haji Aliev (Delhi Sultans) is up against Soslan Ramonov in the 65 kgs category. This match will not gown easily. An Olympic Champ (Soslan Ramonov) takes on the World Champ Haji Aliev. Both of them know each other’s strengths and weaknesses very well.

8:44 PM IST: The most dominating bout, the charismatic Sakshi Malik has clearly dominated not only the ring but also her competitor winning 18-2 in this epic battle

8:39 PM IST: It’s no surprise as Mumbai Maharathi’s ace Sakshi Malik has bagged 10 points in the very first round leading 10-2

8:35 PM IST: As we almost enter the end of Day 1, it’s Kumari Monia (Delhi Sultans) taking on Sakshi Malik (Mumbai Maharathis) in the 62 kgs category

8:27 PM IST: Hitender Kumar gains a crucial 2 points in the bout. Satender Malik the man in blue seems to make a come back gaining a point, in the final stages into the game making a desperate come back.  It’s an all or nothing bout between the giants. Satender Malik comes from behing to win 6-7

8:23 PM IST:  At the end of Round 1 Hitender Kumar leads 4-2

8:21 PM IST: With 2 minutes down in the bout, Satender gains 2 points leading 2-0

8:19 PM IST: Hitender pushes Satender out of the ring showing he means business gaining 2 points.

8:15 PM IST: Youtuber Sahil Khattar talks with two-time Olympian Sushil Kumar on the first day of Pro Wrestling League season 3

8:10 PM IST: Hitender Kumar (Delhi Sultans) takes on Satender Malik (Mumbai Maharathis) in the 125 kgs category.

8:05 PM IST: A huge gain for Samar as she gains the crucial 4 points. The Egyptian girl is on a mission here. Both girls will not easily go down. Cynthia wins 12-1. Terrific win for her.

8:00 PM IST: Samar gains 1 point at the end of the first period. Cynthia can make a come back in the epic battle

7:55 PM IST: Women’s 76 kgs to start as Samar Amer Ibrahim Hamza (Delhi Sultans) takes on Cynthia Vescan (Mumbai Maharathis)

7:50 PM IST: A Huge gain for Alborov winning the game by immense superiority 15-0. Showing a true captain’s knock

7:46 PM IST: Alborov Aslan of Delhi Sultans takes on Satyawart Kadian as Delhi leads 11-0 at the end of Round 1

07:37 PM IST: Seema impressively has bagged a crucial point for Mumbai. Seema wins her bout to level the tie 1-1 between Delhi Sultans and Mumbai Maharathi.

7:35 PM IST: If Seema fails in the current situation, then a point will be granted to Delhi’s Maroi.

7:32 PM IST: Delhi grappler Maroi has gained the first point of the bout but Mumbai Marathi’s Seema hasbounced back by leading the first round with a 2-1 lead.

7:31 PM IST: Seema leads 2-1 against  Maroi Mezien of Delhi Sultans with 4 minutes into play at the end of Round 2

7:28 PM IST: Maroi Mezien (Delhi Sultans) takes on Seema (Mumbai Maharathis) in 50 kgs category.

7:21 PM IST: Round 2 begins 

7:24 PM IST: Andrey makes a staggering come back. Sandeep wins 12-9

7:23 PM IST: Sandeep gains another 2 points against Andrey gains 9 points

7:22 PM IST: Mumbai gains 6 points all in the course of a one sequential attack

7:20 PM IST:  Sandeep leads 10-0 at the end of Round 1.

7:15 PM IST:  Sandeep gains 4 points. Delhi leads 4-0

7:10 PM IST:  Yatsenko Andrey (Mumbai Maharthis) takes on Sandeep Tomar (Delhi Sultans)

6:55 PM IST:  Mumbai Maharathis has won the toss in this opening game. Sushil Kumar will not be playing in today’s game.

The much-awaited Pro Wrestling League (PWL) season 3 is all set to begin at the Siri Fort Complex in New Delhi. Double Olympic Champion Sushil Kumar will lead Delhi Sultans against the Mumbai Maharathi in the epic showdown. PWL has been entertaining its fans in the first two seasons as it prepares to enter its third edition with a star-studded line-up of some of the most prominent wrestlers from around the world. With favourites like double Olympic medalist Sushil Kumar, Rio Olympic bronze medalist Sakshi Malik and Dangal fame Geeta Phogat will be some of the Indian mega-stars participating in the competition.

2017 World Championship silver medalist Russia’s Khetig Tsabolov, European Champion Jabrayil Hasanov and Asian Champion Bekzod Abdurakhmonov will battle for glory representing their respective sides. For Sushil Kumar, this 18-day-long competition will be a test as he sets to return to the ring after a gap of three years. Sushil Kumar won gold in Senior Nationals in November and later won the Commonwealth Championships gold earlier this month. This competition is not only a test for the Olympian but also a brilliant opportunity to reassert his dominance on top.

On the other hand, Sakshi Malik will be under the spotlight in the Mumbai outfit with an aim to commence the competition on a winning note. The opening ceremony will begin at 6:00 pm with performances from the participating wrestlers and other performers which will be followed by National Anthem at 6:45 pm and match toss at 6:50 pm. The action will begin at 7:00 pm with Mumbai Maharathi and Delhi Sultans clashing with each other.