Pro Wrestling League 2018 Season 3 Grand-Final Highlights: NCR Punjab Royals(Season 2 Champion) lift trophy with scintillating victory of 6-3 against Haryana Hammers

What a stupendous night we have seen so far, where Defending Champion NCR Punjab Royals again prove themselves to be a legend by defeating Haryana Hammers by 6-3  in the Grand Final of the Pro Wrestling League Season 3 at Siri Fort Sports Complex in New Delhi on Friday evening. With no blocking, it was a keenly-contested match with both teams putting their best foot forward where third-time Unlucky Haryana Hammers not able to stand comfortably in front of Champions. Upset Queen Pooja Dhanda today prove herself, way the Pooja turning the things proving herself as Joint Killer, and win about in a good commanding position with a lead of 3-2 against Helen icon player(Haryana Hammers).

09:09 PM IST: Both the grapplers are now struggling for the pride, and Yes Roublejit seems to turn the match but Mausam in dominant style wraps the last bout in favour of NCR Punjab Royals with the lead of 4-2.

09:07 PM IST:  A brilliant strategy by both  Champions. Mausam gains 1 point as we now enter the final minute into the bout. Roublejit desperately going all attack and made the score to 2 each.

09:04 PM IST: Both wrestlers give very much tough competition, with push-out move Mausam get 1 point in favour of NCR Punjab Royals against Roublejit, end of round-1.

08:59 PM IST: Last bout of today’s Season 3 is in 92-kgs which is between Mausam((NCR Punjab Royals) and Roublejit Singh( Haryana Hammers).

08:55 PM IST: Victory coming into the Sun Yana with the lead of 10-3 against Nirmala Devi(NCR Punjab Royals ) in favour of Haryana Hammers.

08:53 PM IST: Sun Yanan desperately wants to win this bout and in the very start of this bout she made a good hold and with thrilling moves made the lead of 10-2.

08:50 PM IST: Sun Yana from the very start seems to dominate and made a lead of 4 points against Nirmala with the margin of 4-0 at the end of round-1 in favour of Haryana Hammers.

08:46 PM IST: Now it’s time for an 8th bout in 50-kgs between Nirmala( NCR Punjab Royals) and Sun Yanan( Haryana Hammers).

08:44 PM IST: Yeah.! with the end of 7th bout we get our Pro Wrestling League Season 3 Champion which is NCR Punjab Royals after giving a crushing defeat to Haryana Hammers.

08:40 PM IST: With the very aggressive move, other point coming to the Zurabi , that’s all over for Haryana Hammers with this defeat NCR Punjab Royals won today’s night and Zurabi wins this bout by 4-0.

08:36 PM IST: The first round comes to an end, with this Zurabi made a lead onto Karan of 3-0 in favour of NCR Punjab Royals.

08:34 PM IST: This bout is too much crucial for the Haryana Hammers as with 1 more defeat she loses the hope for the Championship trophy,  and 1 point goes to Zurabi for the passivity.

08:28 PM IST: Next bout is between Zurabi( NCR Punjab Royals) and Karan(Haryana Hammers) in 65-kgs.

08:25 PM IST: Queen of upsets(Pooja Dhanda) made NCR Punjab Royals lead onto Haryana Hammers by 4-2 by giving crushing defeat to Helen. One more win and trophy goes into the hand of NCR Punjab Royals. Does it happen?? For live updates stay tuned to us.!!

08:21 PM IST: Way the Pooja turning the things proving herself as Joint Killer, and win bout in a good commanding position with a lead of 3-2 against Helen(Haryana Hammers).

08:18 PM IST: Joint Killer Pooja Dhanda who done very well in this pwl3 give tough bout to the Helen and almost 2 minutes gone with this 1 point goes to Helen for Passivity in favour of Haryana Hammers in the end of round-1.

08:13 PM IST: Now it’s time for the most awaited bout of today’s match which is between Pooja Dhanda(NCR Punjab Royals) and Helen(Haryana Hammers) in kg 57-kgs.

08:08 PM IST: Geno(NCR Punjab Royals) completely made the bout in his favour and ends this bout very tremendously, winning by technical superiority(16-0) against Sumit(Haryana Hammers).

08:02 PM IST: No point score so far, Oh what a great hold is made onto Sumit by Geno with back to back three moves and made a  lead of 11-0 in the end of round-1 of about 5.

07:57 PM IST: 5th bout is of 125-kgs(Heaviest weight category) between Undefeated Geno(NCR Punjab Royals) and Sumit(Haryana Hammers).

07:54 PM IST: Pooja completely in control of the Koumba with 5 to nothing in the second round of about-4. With this, she ended the bout in favour of UP Dangal giving level up to tie of 2 each and happily finish the bout with the lead of 7-0.

07:50 PM IST: That’s the score at the end of round-1, Koumba(NCR Punjab Royals) leads onto Pooja(Haryana Hammers) by 3-0.

07:47 PM IST: From the very start Koumba made lead onto Pooja with 1 point of push out move, other push-out move and made a lead of 2-0.

07:42 PM IST: Next bout is between Pooja Sihag(Haryana Hammers) and Koumba(NCR Punjab Royals) in 76 kgs.

07:39 PM IST: Well, here Khetik seems to be on a driving seat with good command onto Jitender(NCR Punjab Royals). Straight away Khteik ends this bout. Absolutely what an incredible bout with back to back turn around and win by technical superiority 15-0.

07:36 PM IST: Khetik with the very fast move made a good lead onto Jitender by 3-0 at the end of round-1.

07:34 PM IST: At this stage, both seem to outdo each other very well and by getting no point 1 point of passivity goes to Khetik against Jitender.

07:31 PM IST: Time for the third bout(74 kgs), where one side is Jitender(NCR Punjab Royals) and in front of them is Unbeaten Khetik(Haryana Hammers).

07:28 PM IST:  Anastasija Grigorjevam with back to back thrilling moves, made for Sarita difficult to back into the bout with the difference of 7-2 and   Anastasija Grigorieva with this, the second bout is ended in favour of NCR Punjab Royals Undefeated Anastasija Grigorjevam.

07:26 PM IST: It’s turning out to be an interesting battle here, take down taken by  Anastasija Grigorjevam and get 2 point lead onto Sarita.

07:23 PM IST: Passivity point goes to  Anastasija Grigorjevam, here she go.! brilliantly done by the Sarita with 2 point lead and at the end of round-1 2 each for both wrestlers.

07:22 PM IST: A minute went for the first round and no point is secured by any of the two grapplers.

07:20 PM IST: Its time for the second bout in 67-kgs between Anastasija Grigorjeva(NCR Punjab Royals) and Sarita( Haryana Hammers).

07:17 PM IST: With the lead of 1-0, Haryana Hammers opens the tonight pwl3 in her favour by beating NCR Punjab Royals.

07:15 PM IST: Haryana Hammers made the tonight first bout in their favour against Naveen Kumar with the lead of 4-0.

07:13 PM IST: Naveen also seems in trouble and Vladimir trying to make full control of him, quite happy for Haryana Hammers a lead of 4-0 with no point score in the half of second round.

07:10 PM IST:  Yes Vladimir gets a good start with double point back to back with roll-over move. First round over and made lead of 4-0 in favour of Haryana Hammers.

07:07 PM IST: All set for the first bout of the night, this bout is not going to be easy where both wrestlers facing each other very well, for the moment no point is scored

07:02 PM IST: Get ready to rumble. It’s time for the battle. The first bout is of 57-kg category between Naveen Kumar(NCR Punjab Royals) and Vladimir(Haryana Hammers).

06:32 PM IST: Let’s have a first look of this Pro Wrestling League Season 3 trophy.

06:12 PM IST: Just left with few minutes for the most stalwart match between NCR Punjab Royals and Haryana Hammers of this Pro Wrestling League Season3.

5:48 PM IST: Today’s mouth-watering bout soon will be in front of us.

Finally, after having a successful sequel of Pro Wrestling League, now it’s time for the Grand final between the last year champion NCR Punjab Royals and Two time Champions Haryana Hammers, all eyes today stuck on today’s 9 bouts where both teams try their very best for lift the trophy of PWL Season 3. The most awaited match will soon be going to start and the stage is all set at Siri Fort Sports Complex, New Delhi from 06:40 pm onwards.

The last year Defending Champions NCR Punjab Royals in today’s match must encore their eyes against Haryana Hammers and Haryana Hammers will enter the ring to avenge the loss incurred upon them by Punjab Royals in the Season 2 of Pro Wrestling League. With the win of today’s match, Haryana Hammers seems to the strongest team in the league as it has Sun Yanan star player who gives tremendous defeat to Vinesh Phogat in the yesterday’s Semifinal against UP Dangal and on the other hand NCR Punjab Royal last year champion come back to ring with thrashing vibes. Now it’s time to see whether Haryana Hammers reign the ring or it will fall into it against their opponent Punjab Royals.
Today the destination to the championship trophy for both team will be decided in Siri Fort Sports Complex.For live updates stay tuned to us.!!