Pro Wrestling League 2018 Season 3 Day 5 Highlights: UP Dangal win 4-3 against Mumbai Maharathi

Highlights of Day 5 Pro Wrestling League Season 3:

8:32 PM IST: Soslan clearly wins the final bout 3-0 by fall. This was another one-sided bout.  But what a fight by Soslan.

8:29 PM IST: You don’t mess with Soslan Ramonov. He is a man of business. Bajrang has finally got an ankle hold. Good defence by Soslan. A superior battle for supremacy.

8:25 PM IST: Ladies and Gentlemen we now enter the final bout of Day 5. This is a bout of Champions. Every man for himself. Rio Olympics Gold Medalist Soslan Ramonov takes on 2017 CWC Gold Medalist Bajrang Punia in Men’s 65 Kg’s category.

8:23 PM IST: Odunayo tested Vanesa to the optimum level. What a great come-back from Vanesa from behind. This was a bout that would be talked about for a long time ladies and gentlemen.

8:21 PM IST: Vanesa makes a huge come back leading 7-5 with 30 seconds left in the play. Odunayo is in an all attack mode.

8:13 PM IST: This bout is all about speed and strength. The Nigerian girl Odunayo leading Vanesa 3-0 at the end of Round 1. Will Vanesa be able to make a come back. Stay Updated as we enter Round 2.

8:13 PM IST: Both wrestlers will not concede points so easily. Can Vanesa pull it off? Odunayo leading 2-0. This is turning out to be a dangerous game.

8:11 PM IST: We now enter the Women’s 57 Kgs category. Making her way into the ring 2017 World Silver Medalist Odunayo Folasade taking on 2017 World Champion Vanesa Kaladzinskaya.

8:09 PM IST: Wow! What an eventful Day 5. This is turning out to be a great day in the history of Indian wrestling. Who will reign the ring? Who will have the last laugh? Stay Updated!

8:06 PM IST: Abdurakhmonov Bekzod wins the bout 12-0 in bout 5. UP Dangal leading 3-2 against Mumbai Maharathi.

8:03 PM IST: Abdurakhmonov Bekzod leading 12-0. This match is turning out just like the previous bout. This is a one-man traffic. Will this bout also turn into technical superiority?

8:00 PM IST: Ladies and Gentlemen we now enter the 5th bout. Making his way into the ring is CWC Silver Medalist Veer Dev taking on Abdurakhmonov Bekzod in the Men’s 74 Kgs Category.

7:55 PM IST: The bout is over and what a match it turned out to be. With technical superiority, Sakshi Malik wins 16-0. This was a Goliath of a match. Sakshi has proved that she is the boss of the ring by winning this one-sided bout. Sakshi has proved that she indeed has much more experience and can strategise quickly.

7:55 PM IST: Sakshi clearly gains another 2 points leading 8-0 against Reshma. Reshma is in a dangerous situation.

7:53 PM IST: Sakshi leading 8-0 against Reshma. Sakshi has clearly shown her experience in this bout and that she is in the ring to be the most dominating wrestler. It’s going to be a Goliath of a match.

7:48 PM IST: With an enthusiast crowd, Sakshi Malik is in clear control of this bout leading 6-0. Reshma is in a lot of pressure. A simple 20-year-old girl Reshma hailing for Kolhapur taking on an Olympic Bronze Medalist.

7:44 PM IST: UP Dangal leading 2-1. Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s now the match we all have been waiting for. The biggest match of all is here. 2017 CWC Gold Medalist Sakshi Malik takes on Junior Asian Bronze Medalist Reshma Mane. A lot is on Reshma as she replaces Geeta Phogat in the 62 Kgs category.

7:41 PM IST: Vicky breaks his duck with a 2-pointer. This was indeed a match between Man Vs Boy. Mumbai gains its first point where first of 4 wins. Satyawart wins 10-2.

7:40 PM IST: Satyawart creating problems for Vicky leading 9-0 with 30 seconds left in the play

7:38 PM IST: It’s experience taking on fresher. Satyawart is comfortably ahead. Vicky has to go all out on this bout.

7:34 PM IST: Mumbai has to win this bout as they are trailing 2-0 against UP Dangals. Satyawart going for the ankle block. Mumbai starting on an exhilarating note. This is a battle royal we all have been waiting for. Satyawart has got an explosive start leading 3-0.

7:33 PM IST: It’s National Bronze Medalist Vicky going head-to-head against National Bronze Champion Satyawart Kadian.

7:26 PM IST: Vinesh has made this a one-sided bout winning 10-0. Full credit to Seema for giving competition.

7:25 PM IST: Vinesh using the double ankle grip against Seema. This is a very good manoeuvre from Seema. Good defence by Seema. Vinesh is in clear control of this bout.

7:23 PM IST: Can Seema make a come-back in this bout. Will Seema be able to surpass Vinesh or will it be Vinesh Phogat going all out against Seema? Stay Updated!

7:21 PM IST: Vinesh Phogat clearly knows her strategies leading 4-0 at the end of Round 1 is in full control of this bout.

7:19 PM IST: Just the start both these wrestlers wanted. But UP Dangal’s Vinesh Phogat leads 4-0. This is indeed one of those matches you cannot miss. National Champion taking on another National Champion.

7:17 PM IST: It’s Women’s 50 Kgs bout now. Seema takes on Vinesh Phogat. Both these wrestlers are National Champions and 2017 CWC Gold Medalist.

7:13 PM IST: The first bout goes to UP Dangal. The match has raised the level of expectation. Who will win the match, who will rule the ring? This match is going to turn bigger and better. Stay Updated!

7:12 PM IST: Tables turned in the last 10 seconds. What a great come back from Nitin winning 4-3 against Andrey Yatsenko.

7:10 PM IST: With 1-minute left in the second half, Andrey leads 3-1. Great come back from Nitin.

7:07 PM IST: Nitin by no means will go down without giving a good fight. Nitin catches Andrey by his ankle. Andrey trips Nitin gains 2 points. Tables seem to turn in this game. Not a lot of action from both players.

7:05 PM IST: Nitin gains 1 point against the World Champion Andrey Yatsenko. Good defence by both players, not conceding point easily.

7:04 PM IST: This is turning out to be a conscious game by both players. Good defence by both players.

7:01 PM IST:  World Bronze Champion Andrey Yatsenko takes on Nitin Kumar in the Men’s 57 Kgs category. This match is all about strategy.

6:50 PM IST: Live from Siri Fort Sports Complex in New Delhi. Mumbai Maharthi has won the toss and has blocked Cynthia Vescan, UP Dangal has blocked Jamaladdin Magomedov. Stay Tuned for all the Updates!

6:45 PM IST: The countdown to the most awaited match between arch rivals UP Dangal and Mumbai Maharthi has begun. The main highlight of the match would be Vinesh and Sakshi Malik as they battle it out in their respective categories. Stay tuned for all the Live updates of Day 5 from Siri Fort Sports Complex, New Delhi.

A lot has been said and written about people coming from humble backgrounds; a lot is now riding on Reshma Mane, the daughter of a sugarcane seller, who will be replacing Geeta Phogat and taking on Sakshi Malik in the 62 Kgs category. It would be the battle for the supreme glory. Skills, strategies would be tested of Captains Vinesh, the 2017 Gold Medalist National Champion in the 50 Kgs category and Sakshi Malik who is also a 2017 National Gold Medalist Champion in the 62 Kgs Category.

This is the battle we all have been waiting for. The third season of Pro Wrestling League 2018 is getting better as the day with each passing day. UP Dangal will have an advantage by 2016 Rio Olympic Gold Medalist and 2017 World Champion Jamaladdin Magomedov and 2017 Asian Champion Abdurakhmonov Bekzod. These players have given their best in their last match and will indeed be the game changers in tonight’s match. The ring is all set. Only time will tell who sets the ring on fire. To face their mighty opponents both the team will go all out against each other. Moreover, winning today’s match is a matter of pride and reputation.