Pro Wrestling League 2018 Season 3 Day 4 HIGHLIGHTS : Two time champions Haryana Hammers have thrashed Delhi Sultans by 5-2 at Siri Fort Sports Complex in New Delhi.

Two-time champions Haryana Hammers who remained undefeated so far in the tournament, again prove themselves by defeating Delhi Sultans in the fourth match of the Pro Wrestling League Season 3 at Siri Fort Sports Complex in New Delhi on Friday evening.  With this win, Haryana Hammer becomes the first team in Pro Wrestling League Season 3 to win the 2 matches.Haryana Hammers showed their water-tight performance in defence. With determination and resolve, Helen Maroulis again proved her captaincy skills and give Haryana Hammer a new Height.

08:35 PM: Sumit is fighting well and by single leg attack he grasps the 2 points in a very eligible way and win the last bout by 4-2 and along with his victory he gives victory to the Haryana Hammers by 5-2.

08:31 PM: Hitender also seems captivating in the ring for fetch the point but as it expected Sumit end the round 1 by 2-1.

08:28 PM: From the very start  Sumit from Haryana Hammers gets a point over his opponent and made a lead of 2.

08:24 PM: Here time for the heaviest weight (125-kgs) category tussle between Sumit from Haryana Hammers and Hitender from Delhi Sultans.

08:19 PM: Here Sun Yanan seems well in control and dominant along with this wining of Bout 6 of Sun Yanan by 11-2  and she made a team victory for  Haryana Hammers by 4-2.

08:12 PM:  Bout 6(50-kgs) begin between Sun Yanan of Haryana Hammers and Meroi Mezien where Sun because of her excellent grasping skills usher over Meroi by 8-2 at the end of Round 1.

08:06 PM: Match is becoming one-sided now as we expecting and make the final round score of Bout 5 to 10-0 by making Haryana Hammers ahead from Delhi Sultans.

08:04 PM: Vinod Omprakash who replaced Sushil Kumar can’t able to show his beguiling performance in this conflict and Khetag Tsabolov gets other 2 points.

07:59 PM: Both the wrestlers outdo each other where  Khetag Tsabolov of Haryana Hammers gets 2 points for the push-out against his competitor Vinod Omprakash.

07:57 PM:  Now its time for Bout 5 which is between 74-kg men.

07:54 PM: Hereafter the end of 4 bouts both the teams are on equal steps on to the scorecard.

07:51 PM: what a spectacular bout it is..!! at the end of round 1, Helen Maroulis equal the score by 6 all But along with this  Helen Maroulis won by fall and gain a point for her team.

07:49 PM: Sangeeta conceals 2 points by slip-push to the Helen Maroulis at the very start and Sangeeta looked in very good position.

07:47 PM: Bout 4 is between (57-kgs) Helen Maroulis who is one of the iconic wrestler and another hand on Sangeeta Phogat (Youngest Sister).

07:39 PM: Both are ready for the action and using their strength for the victory but here at Bout 3 something seems to be in the Dramatic state as Alborov Aslan has ended the bout 3 by 15-0.

07:34 PM: By their very good defensive work and by using enthralling moves Alborov Aslan made dominance over Deepak Punia and showed their captaincy of Delhi Sultan by the score to 0-2.

07:31 PM: Bout 3  is begins and it is between (92-kgs) Alborov Aslan of Delhi Sultan and Deepak Punia of  Haryana Hammers.

07:27 PM: By their excellent technique Sarita made a match to one side and made the final score to 5-0 in the favour of Haryana Hammers.

07:25 PM: Sarita gets other points by push-out we got so far and made the score to 3-0.

07:23 PM: Sarita made her best and maintained her lead at the end of round 1 of Bout 2.

07:21 PM:  Sarita Kumari very competitive wrestler from Haryana Hammers of 62 kgs category with riveting moves made advantage over Monia by 1-0.

07:14 PM: In the end of Bout winner of the first bout is Haji of Delhi Sultan by 11-4.

07:13 PM: It seems to be a one-sided match as Haji made a good lead over Harpool.

07:11 PM: Haji makes his coach happy by his performance by getting other point making the score to 8-4.

07:06 PM: Both players seem to outdo each other in the first round of Bout 1 but good defence work by Haji Aliev and get the led suddenly by showing their more experience work onto Harpool by  -4.

07:02 PM: First bout is about to begin between Harphool(65 kgs) of Haryana Hammers and Haji Aliev of Delhi Sultans.

07:01 PM:  Delhi Sultan has won the toss and block Vladimir Khinchegashvil (Haryana Hammers-57 kgs).

06:29 PM: Left with few minutes for the battle between  Haryana Hammers and Delhi Sultans..!! Stay tuned to us for the live update of Day 4 in PWL3 at Siri Fort, New Delhi.

The most awaited match will soon be started between Haryana Hammers and Delhi Sultan. The match will be very much interested because on one side where double Olympic medalist and India’s pride Sushil Kumar strongest player of the League will take centre stage to lit-up the evening, on the other hand, two-time champion Haryana hammers who have beaten Veer Marathas are already with their positive mind. Now it’s time to see who will reign the ring and who will fall into it. Along this , it remains in mystery that who will win the toss because everyone eyes is on the toss for today mouth-watering battle as if today’s as it decides if the strongest player of the league “Sushil Kumar” who was blocked by the captain of MumbaiMaharathi “Sakshi Malik” in his last match will be playing or not.

Many players of Delhi Sultan Alborov, Sandeep, Hitender played well in their last match and if Sushil Kumar plays in this match then definitely it can be a headache for the Haryana Hammers. In the last two matches, the two Phogat sisters, Geeta disappointed the fans whereas Vineesh trashed her opponent. Now, the expectations are on Sangeeta Phogat. The Delhi Sultan would really want good performance from Sangeeta Phogat to grab the point like Vineesh in today’s match. It will be a huge buzz for the Delhi Sultans team to play in front of their fans and gain the trust back which they lost in the last league.