Pro Wrestling League 2018 Season 3 Day 3 HIGHLIGHTS: UP DANGAL beats the  NCR PUNJAB ROYALS and make an herculean victory by 4-3

08:45 PM: Finally what a terrific victory is  for UP DANGAL by defeating NCR PUNJAB ROYALS by 4-3

08:39 PM: Nitin with  their excellent hold over  Utkarsh Kale making the scoreboard into their favour and this is the best bout so far where with the cou nter attack of Nitin  makes the final score to 8-7  for UP DANGAL.

08:36 PM :Utkarsh Kale(57 kgs ) of NCR PUNJAB ROYALS has kicked off their compaign in style by beating Nitin  by 2-0 .Thus proving thier championship and leadership skills.

08:33 PM:  From the start of last bout of Day 3 both players set tight competition for their compititor.

08:27 PM: Tussle seems to be in an most breathstopping stage as with the win of bout 6 by NCR PUNJAB ROYALS make the scoreboard to 3 each so for the updates of live pwl3 stay tunes with us…!!!!

08:24 PM: Koumba Selene  didnot make Zsanett Nemethpoint for getting a single point at the end of bout6 by making the score to 4-0.

08:21 PM: Both the wrestlers seems to outdo each other but  Koumba Selene gains other 2 point by shoing thier aggresivness to win the contest and make make score to 4-0.

08:16 PM: Koumba Selene  Fanta  Larroque(76 kgs) use their strenghth and its an big resposibility onto her and she poved her by seeking 1  againts her rival Zsanett Nemethpoint at the end of bout 6 Round 1 .

08:07 PM: Match seems to be in upbeat mood  at the end  bout 5 as   Geno  Petriashvill  with pathetic attacking gains 4 points and suddenly match seems to turning stage making skirmish victory for  NCR PUNJAB ROYALS by 4-3.

08:03 PM: Now its time for Heaviest weight wrestling category !! where Jamaladdin Magomedov of UP DANGAL opens bout 5 in their favour by seeking 1 point over  Geno  Petriashvill (125 kgs) captain of NCR PUNJAB ROYALS and the Gold Medalist in the world Championship(2017).

07:58 PM: UP DANGAL sets the degree for their team by making the lead over NCR PUNJAB ROYALS  by 3-1 at the end of four bouts.

07:52 PM:  Vinesh Phogat makes this bout one sided only and gains other 2 point by husky strikes and its about all over onto the Vinesh Phogat side .!!!and make 16-0 for UP DANGAL. Its an remarkable victory at the end of Vinesh Phogat.

07:48 PM:  (50 kgs ) Vinesh Phogat of UP DANGAL showing their capentency by stelling 4 points at the start of bout 4 .Captain seems at the driving seat and clearly make the control onto Mausam Khatri and make the score 8-0 end of Round 1.

07:43 PM: NCR PUNJAB ROYALS  seems in great trouble because Mausam Khatri (the  national championship gold medalllist) is unlikely to continue the bout because during the match he get stretchered off and UP DANGAL wins the third bout.

07:40 PM: Inspite of Vicky has an shoulder injury at the mid of third bout he gains 2 point against Mausam Khatri .

07:32 PM: Mausam Khatri with formidable move gaings 4 points over UP DANGAL at the end of first round .

07:28 PM: Its Time when both Indian players are ready for the third bout. Mausam Khatri(92 KGS) conflict with Vicky  of  UP DANGAL.

07:25 PM: Here the end of second round with their solid moves Grigorjeva Anastasija of  NCR PUNJAB ROYALS  gains win over  UP DANGAL by m aking the score to 14-2.

07:20 PM: Grigorjeva Anastasija gains 6 points by their single rolling rap move and make the score to 10-2 makes a lead for NCR PUNJAB ROYALS and Geeta seems in huge trouble at the end of round 1 .

07:15 PM: Second bout start between Grigorjeva Anastasija(62 KGS)  of  NCR PUNJAB ROYALS and  Geeta Phogat(62 KGS) of UP DANGAL .Its seems most intersting bout as both achieves tremendous achievement in wrestling.

07:11 PM: Boom! Abdurakhmonov Bekzod of UP DANGAL gives strapping win to their team by proving themself dominant and made a final score of first bout  0-9. Its a great start for UP DANGAL.

07:05 PM: UP DANGAL showing their stratergy over punjab and at the end of first round score goes to 5-0.

07:03 PM: First bout begins between Jitender(74 KGS)of  NCR PUNJAB ROYALS and  Abdurakhmonov Bekzod(74 KGS) of UP DANGAL and   Abdurakhmonov seems dominate and gains 2 points for UP DANGAL.

07:01 PM:  Here comes the time where UP DANGAL win the toss against  NCR PUNJAB ROYALS and blocks  65kg in men’s category and57  kg in women’s category.

06:35 PM:  Finally UP DANGAL wins the toss against NCR PUNJAB ROYALS ,Day 3 of the PWL3 at the Siri Fort New Delhi.

06:33 PM:  Get set go..! Now only few minutes left for the toss. Be ready for the battle.

06:24 PM:   Just left with few minutes for the live action when the most awaited match takes their step forward and the battle begins.

06:15PM: Welcome to the live coverage of the fight between NCR PUNJAB ROYALS and their rival team UP DANGAL. Match will start from 06:45 PM onwards.

The biggest match of the League will be between last year’s champions NCR PUNJAB ROYALS and their rival team UP DANGAL. The match is all set for today evening. The NCR PUNJAB ROYALS is no doubt one of the strongest team in the league and so they will make all efforts to win their first match of PWL against UP DANGAL. UP DANGAL team has made some changes in their squads and is also ready with its FAULADI team along with the captain Vinesh Phogat (50 kg) and many other leading players. Geeta Phogat (62 kg), the first female Indian wrestler to qualify for the Olympics, is also the backbone of the UP team. The two sisters Vinesh and Geeta together will put in all their might to ensure a victory for their team against NCR PUNJAB ROYALS.

UP Dangal not only has the best Indian players on its side but is equipped with many brawny players like Abdurakhmonov Bekzod (74 kgs), Vanesa Kaladzinskaya (57 kgs) and many more. These medallists are all set to battle their best. To face their mighty opponents the team is all set to fight them tonight. Moreover, winning today’s match is a matter of prestige for the NCR ROYAL PUNJAB as they are the winner of the last season and they would surely want to maintain their dignity and don’t want to lose the supporters and fans of the team. The team includes many great wrestlers from all over the world including Bekbulatov  Ilyas (65kg), Geno  Petriashvill (125kg), Grigorjeva Anastasija(62kg), Jitender(72kg).All the Desi and Videshi player will be showing their FAULADI moves in today’s match in the Siri Fort Complex, New Delhi.