Pro Wrestling League 2018 Season 3 Day 2 Highlights: Haryana Hammers thrash Veer Marathas 5-2


Pro Wrestling League 2018 season 3, Day 2 highlights:

8:37 PM IST: With fifteen seconds left, Praveen knows the game is up. Khetik wins 10-0.

8:34 PM IST: With four already into the game. Khetik need now worry and can win convincingly. Both wrestlers trying to win by pin fall. Khetik leads with a staggering 10-0 at the end of five minutes into the game. 

8:32 PM IST:  With a 6 point lead, Khetik has proved he is the boss of the game and is no mood of going down so easily. 

8:30 PM IST: Both players are mean business in the game. Blocking has indeed proved to be a game-changer here. Khetik gains 6 points.

8:23 PM IST: We now enter the final bout into Day 2. With Parveen Rana taking on Khetik Tsabolov in the 74 kgs category. A World Champion taking on a CWC Silver Medalist

8:19 PM IST: Helen wins the bout 9-1. Maroulis has won by pin fall taking full advantage of the game.

8:16 PM IST: Helen has managed to gain another point leading 3-0. Winning the round 1. Helen Maroulis is at the driving seat and clearly in control of the game. This is a mammoth of a bout.

8:14 PM IST: This bout is all about last woman standing. They have faced each other. Helen leads the bout 2-0 with a double leg grip.

8:10 PM IST: Haryana Hammers leads the game by 3-2. Marwa Amri of Tunisia now takes on Helen Maroulis of USA.  World Champion takes on another World Champion. This can be the greatest game to be played.

8:07 PM IST: Amit gains crucial 2 points at this crucial stage. Harphool fighting till his last breadth. This is a tie at 5 each. But Harphool wins the game as he managed to gain the last point. This match has indeed raised the bar of the league.

8:04 PM IST: Harphool goes for the leg attack. Scores are now level at 3-3. This match has suddenly come to life. Harphool again goes for the leg grip. Can he turn it into something more. Its a good escape from Amit Dhankar. A good attack by Harphool.

8:02 PM IST: Harphool has proved that he is here to win an will not compromise under any situation. Both the wrestlers have mutual respect for each other. Harphool still trails at 3-1.

7:58 PM IST: This match is all about experience. Both teams winning 2 bouts each. Amit Dhankar gains 2 points.

7:53 PM IST:  Its again India taking on India. Amit Dhankar takes on Harphool Singh in the 65 kgs category. A National Gold Medalist taking on a National Bronze Medalist. Both the National Champions against each other. Where will this match go, who will have that last laugh. Only time will tell.

7:51 PM IST: Sarita wins the technical bout against Manju Kumari. This scores levels at 2 bouts all.

7:49 PM IST: This is game has turned into a mind-game. The tables have turned now. With under a minute into the play, aggression is the key to success. Manju still trails by 3 points. 

7:47 PM IST: Sarita gains another point leading 2-0. Both players are aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and have played against each other at multiple occasions.

7:43 PM IST: Both the women wrestlers have proved that the game can be won by determination and perseverance. This match is all about strength and strategy.

7:39 PM IST: With 20 seconds into the game Sarita has taken a lead with 1 point

7:36 PM IST: It’s India vs India now. As Manju takes on Sarita in the 62 kgs category. Its National Champion battling out against Asian Silver medalist.

7:32 PM IST: Georgi Ketoev leads the bout 16-0.  Thus, winning convincingly with the double leg roll. This match proved superiority.

7:27 PM IST: Both team draws 1-1 in the bout. This match has proved that both teams mean business and can be anyone’s game. Lets see who has the final laugh ladies and gentlemen.

7:27 PM IST: Armenian wrestler Georgi Ketoev takes on India’s Roublejit Singh Rangi in the 92 kgs category.

7:22 PM IST: Vasilisa gains by pin fall. The first pin fall of the match. Vasilisa wins with a demolishing score of 8-0

7:20 PM IST:  Pooja seems to in trouble in the bout, but good defense from Pooja but Vasilisa still manages to gain 2 points.

7:16 PM IST: Vasilisa Marzaliuk takes on Pooja in the second bout of today in the 76 kgs category.

7:14 PM IST: Just half a minute left in this game, Shravan gains another points still trailing by 4 points. Vladmir wins the first games hands down 7-3.

7:12 PM IST: Vladimir’s 5 point lead is a challenge for Shravan. Can Shravan make a come back. Both of them not conceding points so easily. Good wrestling by both the wrestlers.

7:09 PM IST: Shravan  goes for the leg grip. Vladimir gains 4 more points. This match will be a fight till the end. Vladimir leads 6-2

7:07 PM IST: Good start to the game. As both players have decided they will not go down without giving a proper fight to each other under no circumstance.

7:05 PM IST: Vladamir Khinchegashvili has conceded 2 points in this first match of Day 2.  Blocking would indeed play a crucial role in the matches. As Vladimir Khinchegashvili  gains 2 points. Thus, equalising the score.

7:01 PM IST: Shravan Kumar takes on Vladimir Khinchegashvili in the 57 kgs category.

7:00 PM IST: Haryana won the all important toss blocking 125 kgs category.

Third season of Pro Wrestling League 2018 has got off to a sensational start last night with Mumbai Maharathi marking their first win of the league by defeating Delhi Sultans with a tremendous margin of 5-2. Today the Veer Marathas will battle it out against Haryana Hammers in the second bout at Delhi’s Siri Fort Sports Complex.

The Veer Marathas will have an advantage by three-time bronze medallist and current silver medal holder from the World Championships Vasilisa Marzaliuk, 2016 Rio Olympics bronze medalist Marwa Amri and India’s 2017 Commonwealth Wrestling Championship silver medalist Parveen Rana. The star-studded line-up of Marathas will face vengeance tonight at 6:50 PM when they take on last year’s runners-up Haryana Hammers.