Pro Wrestling League 2018 Season 3 Day 14 Highlights : All important victory for NCR Punjab Royals and crushed Mumbai Maharathi by 5-2.

Finally, Defending Champion NCR Punjab Royals again prove themselves to be a legend by defeating Mumbai Maharathi by 5-2  in the fourteenth match of the Pro Wrestling League Season 3 at Siri Fort Sports Complex in New Delhi on Monday evening. Mumbai Maharathi very disappointed by loose, as with this defeat Mumbai Maharathi last hope for the semifinal is no more.

08:52 PM IST: Soslan ended this tough bout in his favour with lead of 7-6 and with this ended the match by giving second win for Mumbai Maharatha.

08:50 PM IST: Both seems to outdo each other with 6 each score and nothing to say about this bout who will gona rule this and who will fall into it.

08:48 PM IST: Big attack from the Ilyas, now he comes into the match with 5 each, turns the match at the very start of round-2.

08:44 PM IST: Soslan with quick recovery, seems to dominate onto  Ilyas and yes ended the round-1 by 5-2 .

08:42 PM IST:  Ilyas open the last bout in his favour by making 1 point lead with push-out move.

08:38 PM IST: The Last bout is between both undefeated grappler Soslan(Mumbai Maharathi) and Ilyas( NCR Punjab Royals ).

08:34 PM IST: Sakshi Malik looks in a difficult position and this could be very well beat. Yes,  Anastasija beats the Sakshi Malik by pin-fall, and win this bout by 10-2 in favour of another victory to the NCR Punjab Royals.

08:32 PM IST: Anastasija take other hold-down onto Sakshi Malik in the very start and made a good difference of 4 points lead for Sakshi Malik to cover it up.

08:30 PM IST: With the fauladi move in the very last second of round-1, Anastasija made lead onto Sakshi Malik by 4-2.

08:28 PM IST: What an epic start by the Reo Olympic Gold Medalist Sakshi Malik at very start get 2 points but Anastasija with thrashing move level the round 1 with 2 each point.

08:24 PM IST: Next bout is between Anastasija(NCR Punjab Royals) and Sakshi Malik(Mumbai Maharathi).

08:22 PM IST: All important victory given by Geno for NCR Punjab Royals and  with this made the today’s night in their favour by crushing Mumbai Maharathi to 4-1.

08:17 PM IST: Yes, Geno completely made this bout in his favour with thrilling moves and great experience so far against Satender and registered the all-important victory for  NCR Punjab Royals by 7-0.

08:13 PM IST: We now enter into the second round of this bout where NCR Punjab Royal is step 1 step ahead of making the today’s night match in their favour.

08:11 PM IST: Geno opens this bout with 2 points in his favour with the push-out move, and Geno ended the round-1 by 4-0 ,no opportunity giving to his opponent.

08:08 PM IST: Now it’s time for heaviest weight category (125 kgs), Undefeated Geno(Current World Champion) from NCR Punjab Royals and Satender from Mumbai Maharathi.

08:03 PM IST: Pooja Dhanda completely bout changer grappler, at the very last win this bout by pin-fall against Odunayo and NCR Punjab Royals rules onto Mumbai Maharatha by 3-1.

08:00 PM IST: So far Odunayo is just 1 point lead anything can happen here but with pushout move 1 more point. Oh, what a game changer bout it is. Pooja Dhanda with a pin-fall win this bout by 4-2.

07:56 PM IST: What a tough bout is going between this two grappler as no point secured by any wrestler and for this reason passivity point goes to the Odunayo more experienced one, with this end of the first period, Odunayo made lead by 1-0.

07:53 PM IST: The fourth bout (57 kgs)Pooja Dhandha(NCR Punjab Royals) Odunayo( Mumbai Maharathi).

07:50 PM IST: With the Eedenebatyn victory  Mumbai Maharathi has their first win of today’s night and made the scorecard to 2-1.

07:48 PM IST: Eedenebatyn ended this one-sided bout in his favour by 10-0, the first victory to the Mumbai Maharathi.

07:46 PM IST: Utkarsh Kale tries to hit his opponent, looking more aggressive and for this 1 warning to the Utkarsh but Eedenebatyn nothing to worry as he is in 8 point lead.

07:42 PM IST: First point score with a takedown by Eedenebatyn, Very quick move it is, Eedenebatyn completely dominate and Utkarsh seems in nothing to do position in front of  Eedenebatyn , with this ended the round-1 by 8-0.

07:39 PM IST: It’s time for a third bout(57 kgs men category), where on one side is Utkarsh Kale(NCR Punjab Royals)  and Eedenebatyn(Mumbai Maharatha).

07:36 PM IST: NCR Punjab Royals seems complete in dominating position onto Mumbai Maharathi by winning all 2 bouts.

07:33 PM IST: Finally, with this two passivity point Koumba(NCR Punjab Royals) are on the rock, won this bout by 2-0 against Cynthia Vescan.

07:31 PM IST:  Cynthia Vescan desperately no in mood to give any more point to the Koumba but again passivity point to the Koumba made lead by 2 to nothing.

07:28 PM IST: Very- Very enthusiastic bout is going on between this two grappler and just 1 point to the Koumba at the end of round-1.

07:26 PM IST: Both seems to outdo each other with no point in favour and 1 point is awarded for the passivity to the Koumba.

07:22 PM IST: The Second bout is in 76 kgs category, both wrestlers win 2 matches and loos 1 in this league – Koumba( NCR Punjab Royals) and Cynthia(Mumbai Maharathi).

07:18 PM IST: Punjab Royals win the opening bout of tonight. what a head to head tussle it was.

07:16 PM IST:  Punia, completely change this bout with too defensive, win this bout in favour of NCR Punjab Royals against Satyawart by 6-5 in the last 30 sec of the bout.

07:14 PM IST: Deepak Punia seems to be in coming into the match and level’s the match by 5 all in the very last 40 sec.

07:11 PM IST: Now with aggressive moves, Satyawart completely made the control onto the Deepak Punia in the very start of the round-1 by 4-0.

07:09 PM IST: Satyawart made the lead at the end of round-1 by 2 to nothing against Deepak Punia.

07:07 PM IST: Deepak Punia very less experienced as compared to Satyawart and both grappler seems to tough competition to each other but 1 point will be added to the Satyawart Kadian for the passivity point.

07:04 PM IST: The First bout is between Deepak Punia(NCR Punjab Royals) and Satyawart(Mumbai Maharathi) in 92 kg category.

06:52 PM IST: Mumbai Maharatha won the toss and blocked Praveen Dahiya in men’s 74 kgs and Nirmala Devi in 50 kgs.

06:48 PM IST: All set for today’s match.

The third season of Pro Wrestling League 2018 is getting better as the day with each passing day. Today tussle is between NCR Punjab Royals and Veer Maratha. NCR Punjab Royals already entered in semi-final contention and a win over Mumbai Maharathi might clear their path for the semi-final of Pro Wrestling League Season 3.

If Mumbai Maharathi wants to keep their semi-finals hopes alive they have to win the today’s match anyhow. we have seen some sensational performances from NCR Punjab Royals wrestlers Geno Petriashvili in the Men’s 125 Kgs category, Grigorjeva Anastasija in Women’s 62 Kgs category and Koumba Larroque in Women’s 76 Kgs category winning their respective bouts in their previous match. We can expect some high-intensity bouts from National Silver Medalist Nirmala Devi in the Women’s 50 Kgs category, three-time National Gold Medalist Pooja Dhanda in the Women’s 57 Kg’s category, four-time National Gold Medalist Utkarsh Kale and three-time National Gold Medalist Jitender.  The ring is all set. Only time will tell who sets the ring on fire. On the other hand, Sakshi Malik(Rio Olympic bronze medalist ) will be under the spotlight in the Mumbai outfit with an aim to commence the competition on a winning note.

Catch all the action Live from Siri Fort Sports Complex, New Delhi from 7:00 pm onwards as NCR Punjab Royals battle it out against Mumbai Maharathi in an epic showdown.